What's next?

Once your application has been submitted and verified as being COMPLETE, it then is presented to the Admission Committee. This part of the application process should take no longer than five (5) business days to determine if your application has been approved or denied. A letter of approval or denial will then be mailed by Ms. LaCretia Vasquez, who can be contacted at (405) 247-6670, ext 228.

Admissions Checklist

REMEMBER, an incomplete application WILL NOT BE PROCESSED and will cause a delay in your application being provided to the Admission Committee

  1. Download Application
  2. Filled out application completely
  3. Sign and date (where required)
  4. Fax (405) 247-4429 or mail completed application

Riverside Indian School
ATTN: Student Admissions
101 Riverside Drive
Anadarko, OK 73005

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Out-of-State Student Travel

Riverside Indian School will provide out-of-state student transportation for students who are accepted. Travel will be provided at the beginning of the school year, during Christmas break, and at the end of the school year. Riverside staff will be stationed at the airports where students have flights/layovers, and will assist with ensuring students get to the proper gates. Transportation from the Oklahoma City airport to Riverside Indian School will also be provided, however transportation from the student's residence to the departing airport is YOUR responsibility.


Information for out-of-state-travelers

PHOTO ID: Make sure your student has a photo ID upon check-in at the airport.

AIRPORT CHECK-IN: Please arrive at the airport AT LEAST TWO (2) HOURS PRIOR to the scheduled departure time.

BAGGAGE FEES: Baggage fees for checked bags are the parent's/guardian's responsibility and must be paid upon check-in at the airport. A current baggage fee policy will be included with the student's travel itinerary. Luggage and other personal belongings may also be mailed to the school to avoid costly fees at the airport.

UNACCOMPANIED MINORS: This is a service offered by airlines for younger passengers flying alone. THIS FEE WILL BE PAID BY THE SCHOOL IF IT IS REQUIRED.

MISSED FLIGHTS: If your student misses their flight and the airline is unable to confirm them on another flight, please CONTACT THE SCHOOL DURING OFFICE HOURS so that student�s flight can be rescheduled. Students who continually miss their flights will be placed on the waiting list until an opening becomes available.

All travel itineraries and travel information packets are mailed to the parent/guardian prior to the student's travel date. If you do not receive an itinerary, or have questions regarding travel, please contact the school at the following numbers:

  • Riverside Toll Free Number: (888) 886-2029
  • Riverside Main Phone: (405) 247-6670
  • Student Travel Dept: (888) 886-2029, ext. 249
  • Student Travel Dept (direct): (405) 247-4162
  • After Hours/Emergency only: (405) 933-4693

(DO NOT CALL the last number listed to reschedule a flight, this is for emergencies ONLY)