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Student Services


The Student Services Department (SSD) is comprised of the dormitory and recreation staff, providing Riverside students with a safe, supervised dorm environments and recreational activities throughout the school year. Our largest department on campus, SSD employees are trained to make sure your child’s living arrangements are conducive to supporting their academic life as well as social behavior. Dorm staff are always available during non-classroom instruction hours, and often assist with the many student activities provided by our Recreation department.

Riverside currently offers five (5) dormitories for students, two of which were just opened at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year. The new Girls and Boys dorms, where grades 8 thru 12 reside in four (4) different wings (A, B, C and D), can house up to 200 students each, and each dorm and dorm room comes equipped with the following features: Beds, dressers and wardrobes for up to four (4) students.

  • Thermostat control for each dorm room
  • Common living room area in each wing equipped with satellite TV
  • foyer area with kitchen appliances and big-screen TV
  • 20-station computer lab with internet access
  • Rec room with pool tables, foosball and lounge area
  • Vending machines for product purchase
  • Industry-standard, storm weather “safe room”
  • Dorm-wide intercom system for important announcements
  • Secured environment via campus security camera system.

Girls Dorm:    (405) 247-4192         Boys Dorm: (405) 247-8044
Girls Wing A: (405) 247-8036         Boys Wing A: (405) 247-8049
Girls Wing B: (405) 247-8050         Boys Wing B: (405) 247-8048
Girls Wing C: (405) 247-8042         Boys Wing C: (405) 247-8040
Girls Wing D: (405) 247-8037         Boys Wing D: (405) 247-8032


Riverside’s Recreation department provides activities for our students on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Here are examples of activities offered to Riverside students:
→  3-on-3 basketball tournaments
→  BINGO games
→  Pool tournaments
→  Volleyball and kickball tournaments
→  Zumba exercise classes
→  Movie night in the Student Union
→  Online video game tournaments
Other events throughout the semester
Please contact our Recreation department if you have any questions:
Elizabeth French - (405) 247-6670, x250

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Dormitory Room
Dormitory Hallway
Basketball Courts

Arapaho Dorm Residents:

Boys Grades 4-7

Main Phone: (405) 247-8030

Comanche Dorm Residents:

Girls Grades 4-7

Main Phone: (405) 247-8038

Wichita Dorm Residents:

Transition (All Grades)

Main Phone: (405) 247-8034